Fergus and Penuche






Luna and Brady



What hasn’t Donna done for us (& Mo) We met Donna through the Quincy shelter, where we adopted Mo. Mo is a lab/pit mix, a puppy when we adopted him & full of energy. Mo was also very fearful in new situations, which caused him to be skittish, especially around strangers & other dogs. Donna was incredibly helpful & gave clear instruction. As Mo showed improvement, Donna developed new routines & training. In addition to the training, Donna walks Mo during the week, which reinforces his progress, keeps him on the right track & also tires him out! We have also used Donna several times to board Mo when we’ve been away. Donna sends us updates regularly when he’s there so we have no worries he is behaving & well taken care of. Donna has been not only a huge help to us, but has become part of our family.

-Lisa B., Quincy, MA

When I first rescued Milo, he was very nervous and reactive in new situations. His vet thought he may need medication and other safety measures. Training with Donna completely transformed his personality! Being able to socialize him during the pandemic in a safe, structured way was awesome. Donna's help and support has made reinforcing his training at home much easier. It's been great to see his strides over the last three months, and really rewarding to have easy trips to the dog park or the store with Milo so happy!

-Devon, Scituate, MA

This is Pringle, practicing the 'down-stay' we learned in Donna's agility class. Pringle spent the first months of her life living in shelters and foster homes. She was under-socialized, fearful, and lacking self-control when we rescued her. We started working with Donna one-on-one to get Pringle more used to being in new places and with new people. Donna also recommended we try agility training to build Pringle's confidence, burn some of her excess energy, and put her clever mind to work. We really enjoyed the classes, and still practice the elements we learned in every-day life. To keep Pringle on the right track, we've also undertaken the Canine Good Citizen and Winter Games classes with Donna. She is an excellent teacher who has an infinite amount of patience with both dogs and owners, and who can clearly explain how to tackle what you might think is a challenging or difficult behavior. Pringle adores (and behaves for!) Donna, and we are really looking forward to trying Donna's new nose work class some time soon. Because of Donna, I now have a lot of constructive ways of working with Pringle instead of just being negative with her when she acts up. This has changed our relationship for the better, and I really can't thank Donna enough for that. And I'm always so pleased we spent the time in training when people tell me what a good dog I have - thank you, Donna, so much of that 'good dog' is because of you!

-Diane F., Hull, MA

I could not be happier with Donna’s Do Right Dogs!
Donna is great – she uses positive reinforcement and makes the classes fun. Her teaching style really works for me – she gives clear explanations and then demonstrates. She also provides a folder with information and written steps you can refer to for at home practice. Donna allows time for everyone to ask questions and is patient, kind and respectful of both owner & dog. 
The location is roomy & spacious. Everyone can spread out to work with their dogs during class. For playgroup there is lots of room for the dogs to run around. Donna is well stocked on toys and agility equipment. She always has lots of different treats on hand for the dogs to sample.
My Experience. My puppy Bailey started puppy kindergarten at 9 weeks and graduated last week. He had a good time and at only 4 months he can now do several commands. In addition, he attends puppy playgroup sessions at Donna’s, which have given him so much confidence in a short time. He learned how to properly interact with other dogs and loves to run around the space and do agility exercises. When I pull into the parking lot, he gets excited because he knows he is about to have fun. 

Five Stars. ***** I am looking forward to signing Bailey up for more classes and highly recommend Donna for training and playgroup. Having a puppy is fun but challenging – having someone you can count on for sound advice & solutions is priceless. 

~Stacy, Braintree

Donna is awesome! We adopted a lab mix puppy and had Donna come to our home to work on some training. Within an hour he had learned to sit, lay down, and come. She gave excellent recommendation on socializing and was really able to listen to our concerns and answer all of our questions. I immediately trusted her 100% and she definitely boosted our confidence as dog owners. We ended up signing him up for Day training at her center in Norwell where she works on continued training and socializing with other dogs/people. She sends home a progress note each session with updates on what he did/what we can work on at home. We couldn't be happier and I highly recommend her for your training needs!

-Elizabeth and Matt, Scituate, MA 

Donna Culbert has been a godsend to us in our first 8 months of Westie puppy partnership. (Westies will not be 'owned'. They're very spunky little creatures!) Having grown up with Westies and Cairn Terriers, I thought I knew exactly how to handle our little man, but he surprised me again and again, with everything from the very typical puppy nipping to some more exotic unwanted behaviors like fruit stealing. We attended Puppy K at the New England Dog Training Center, where we first met Donna. That class was wonderful for basic manners and socialization, but I found myself frustrated afterwards when Finley would alternate between pulling at his leash or laying down on the pavement on walks. A consummate Westie, he was hard to train to recall with distractions. I decided to do a few one-on-one lessons with Donna. These sessions have been wonderful! Donna gives very clear and usable advice, with targeted 'homework'. We started with basic attention commands and have been working up to more constant control of this little guy's impulses. Targeting ('touch' commands) and consistent reinforcement have really helped us corral Finley's boundless energy and get his attention focused on us, though he'll probably always have a weakness for foolishly friendly squirrels. One of the most important things in training a dog is training the human, and Donna has patiently helped me help Finn, in a very friendly and caring way.

We haven't had any major behavioral issues to contend with, in part because we started working with Donna early on. I'm excited to continue to work with Donna on more sophisticated obedience commands and I would recommend Donna without hesitation to anyone looking to improve one of their most important relationships, the one with the dog!

-Stephanie, Alan, and Finley

I found myself in the very challenging situation of having an 18-month old male shelter dog on my hands who needed enough exercise for 3 dogs and was convinced every unknown person and dog on the street was out to get him. I had no experience in this type of circumstances but needed a ton of very well-informed professional help in a hurry. Donna came to the rescue in a big way. She had not only the bravery to step in and work with a pretty beefy dog that had directed some pretty ferocious barking at a very experienced trainer, but also had a soft touch and a positive outlook that made an enormous difference in our poochs life. We wouldn't have made it without her help. Not only is his level of problem behavior much diminished, but we can take him out any time and be confident we have the tools to get him in the right state of mind before trouble starts.

-John D., Cambridge, MA

Fergus is a rescued, happy-go-lucky terrier mix who adored Donna and her CGC class. He loved to "perform" and aced his CGC test.

Conversely, Penuche, a rescued hound mix, came to the CGC class a doggie wallflower. She was shy and fearful of strangers, and would rather have ducked behind her humans. With so much baggage, she needed to take the class two times before passing her CGC test. Fortunately, Donna has a great "bag of tricks" and knew how to help us calm and coax and treat our shy girl into shedding some of that baggage and letting her inner happy puppy shine through. Penuche and I had a lot of fun!

Donna was knowledgeable, calm, kind, and patient - and not just with the dogs!. She offered clear instruction and demonstrations, and was very helpful in customizing her training to the needs of the dog. The class environment was always organized, safe, personal, positive and respectful of the dogs. We have recommended Donna to other people and will continue to do so.

-Ellen G., Quincy, MA

Working with Donna is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Our relationship first began when she would watch our blind Yorkie, Brady and our Labrador mix, Drey when we were away. My dogs mean everything to me to me, and the first time I met her, I knew they meant everything to her. As Drey became more senior she walked him daily. She treated him so kindly and gently as he got older. When I took a job with more hours Donna came around more frequently and would board both dogs overnight if I was away. Drey eventually passed away at the age of 16 and I believe he had a better quality of life during his last years because of Donna. He loved her. A little over a year ago we got a French Bulldog puppy Luna and she came with a whole lot of sass and puppy goodness. Donna was my first call trying to get everything figured out. I asked her questions and for advice and Donna ended up being Luna's puppy trainer. It is because of her that we were able to manage our little ball of energy. She walks Luna weekly and in a pinch. I consider her one of the hardest working, most trustworthy and the best dog person I know. We will always consider her a friend and we will always be loyal customers. 

Chandra, Noah, Brady & Luna - Quincy, MA 

Donna has been working with us and our 3 year old Pitbull, Tucker, for over two years. She worked for a year with Tucker on training walks, as well as doing individual training/body handling sessions and has had him as a "house guest" many times when we've been out of town. We could not be happier with Donna: upon meeting her it became clear to us almost instantly that she was going to be professional, devoted and caring, and we were right! Her calm demeanor is a perfect fit for Tucker's high energy and it's shown in his improved behavior. Whether in a training session or dropping him off at Donna's house for the weekend, we always know he's in good hands. And don't just take that from me - one glimpse of Donna and Tucker's tail practically wags off his behind! Suffice to say, we love working with Donna and are so glad we found her.

-Diane & Greg

Our dog is an energetic crazy girl. We tried other trainers who threw up their hands. Donna got her to behave and even do tricks! She has helped trouble-shoot how to deal with certain behaviors and how to change bad habits. Our dog loves her. She even recognizes the sound of Donna's car!

-Alexandra H., Belmont, MA