Private In-home Training

​Puppy Playtime

Day Training

Training Walks 


Whether it's in your home or in a group setting, I will teach you how to communicate with your dog to reach your individual goals.


Private Training: In Home or at Donna's Facility

We begin each behavior case with a phone call or email conversation to gain an understating of the situation through a series of questions and a brief history.

In-Home Evaluation
A 60-90 minute visit in your home with your dog and the family. During this visit we conduct a behavioral evaluation, take a history and talk about  your goals.  By the end of the meeting, we will create a program best suited to your lifestyle. Training will be conducting in your home and at Donna's in Norwell.

Help is here! Training issues such as:

  • Puppy Basics: from Potty Training, Chewing to Controlling your new buddy on a leash, I have just the Puppy Protocol Plan for you!
  • Basic Manners: leash pulling, polite greetings, counter surfing, sock stealing just to name a few
  • Basic Obedience: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Leave-it, Drop-it and Settle
  • Canine Good Citizen Preparation 
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • I'm Afraid to Walk My Dog!: Reactive Dogs on Leash (it's more common than you think.)
  • Barky Bowzers! Find out why your dog feels the need to bark and take steps to restoring peace and quiet to your home
  • Fraidy Fidos! Desensitizing fearful and anxious dogs
  • Adoption of a Shelter/Rescue Dog. Learn what to expect and how to ease the transition into your home.
  • Tricks: Want your dog to get his own leash or your keys? Have fun teaching your dog how!
  • Beginning Scent Work for fun and mental stimulation.

Private sessions are held in your home, at Donna's Training facility and outside in public spaces, depending on the nature of your goals. Sessions are generally an hour long, spaced at least a week apart.  We want to provide you with plenty of time to work on the exercises and management techniques covered during each lesson. You will receive unlimited email support as well as handouts and homework during the course of your training.

1 Evaluation/Lesson:  $100

3 Session Program:  $275

5 Session Program:  $450

Donna's Puppy Package (In Home Training)

Got Puppy?  Need Socialization?  Donna is here to help!

Designed for puppies 6 months and under,  trainer-to-handler course covers the basics of beginner obedience, using different environments and real life scenarios. With a focus on attention, and relationship building, this program will give you and your puppy the foundational skill to a bright training future. Exercises covered may include: name games, sit, down, target touch, puppy push ups, stay, recall and loose leash walking, “choosing to heel”, and place/ mat work.  During these private sessions you will also be getting personal attention in addressing your specific concerns with the adjustment of a new puppy in your home! 

3 one hour visits  $275


​Puppy Playtime! 

We have groups for smaller and larger pups

It's so important that puppies get the proper socialization during their development periods.  However, it's not as easy as bringing your pup to a dog park or single dog event.  HOW you socialize is critical to determining how they will interact with the world as adult dogs.  At Donna's playgroups, you will learn how to read your puppy's body language so you know if they are scared, overwhelmed or being to rough. You will practice teaching your dog to come when called and play some fun training games.  Your pup can play up to one hour.

Sundays at 11:00 a.m. & Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m.

Just Added!  Mondays at 6:00 p.m. starting 3/16 (temporary)

​You must Register up to one hour before playtime. We may not be able to accomodate walk - ins.

$10 for the hour

  • All puppies must be 6 months and under
  • Proof of vaccinations must be presented (Rabies for dogs 16 weeks and over; Distemper combo -DHLPP/DA2PP)  Bordetella (Kennel Cough) is recommended by not required.
  • Must keep aware of your dog at all times
  • Children must  accompanied by an adult and may not approach a puppy without parent present and the permission of the owner.
  • No human food in play area- treats recommended since you will practice calling your dog out of play.

BIG PUPPY Playtime!

Got a Dane, Berner or not so itty bitty Pitty?  This Group is for larger breed puppy or those who just play like one up to 6 months.  Puppies who are in a Training Program with Donna can play up to 9 months. 

Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

  • Distemper Combo Vaccinations for pups under 6 months
  • Rabies Vaccination for pups 16 weeks
  • Bordetella Vaccination is not required but strongly recommended.
  • You must register on line.  Space is limited.  Call or email (don’t text) if you have trouble with the website and want to join.
  • No children in the play area under 8 years old.  

As usual:

  • Call your dog out of play when instructed
  • We can remove your dog for any reason.

Small Dog Playgroup (dogs under 25 pounds)

Saturdays at 9:00 a.m.  

An hour of socialization for the wee ones!  

​$10 for the hour

  • Proof of vaccinations must be presented (Rabies for dogs 16 weeks and over; Distemper combo -DHLPP/DA2PP)  Bordetella (Kennel Cough) is recommended by not required.
  • Limit 2 dogs per adult;   children must be accompanied by and adult and not approach another dog without parent present and the permission the of owner.
  • No human food in play area- treats recommended since you will practice calling your dog out of play.​

Day Training,  "While You're at Work"

Puppy Day Training  (for pups 2- 12 months)

Starting your pup off with the proper socialization and consistency in training is crucial to their development.  We will conduct an evaluation and then schedule one on one training sessions with your dog at Donna's. We’ll provide a balance of play, rest, training, field trips, and quiet activities designed with your puppy’s mental and physical health in mind.  We provide a training plan, progress notes (pup dates!) and trouble shooting tips to help you through the process. 

We offer packages by the week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday-Call to Schedule 781-340-3365
Pick up and drop off at Donna's if needed for $5 extra

2 days per week- $180
3 days per week-$270

Adolescent to Adult Dogs

If you have specific issues or you just want a well mannered pup, Donna's programs get your dog on track.

Your dog will learn: Sit, Down, Stay, Touch, Come, Leave It, Heel, and Settle, Place.    Additional advanced training is an option after this course has been completed, on an individual basis.

The length of the course is dependent on assessment made at the initial consult. :

Training Walks

Has walking your dog become the most stressful part of your day? Does your dog pull you down the street or bark at other dogs? Or people? We can work together to make walking your dog the best part of your day.  Donna will take your dog for 30 minute training walks while you are at work.  $50 per walk.